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Review: Mallory Knox – Self Titled.

MalloryKnox_SelfTitled_Cover.jpgThis week sees the release of the new album from Mallory Knox. The first album which sees bassist Sam Douglas take the lead for the band, new tracks such as ‘Livewire’ proving he is more than capable of doing so, bringing the best of what they do. You can give a listen to ‘Livewire’ now here.

The band take a raw direction on this album with a frantic bounce that makes for a great listen. Tracks such as ‘White Lies’ delivers us a track full of energy and great grooves that make you listen and that energy continues on tracks such as ‘Whereever’ where the band deliver true-to-form riffs and power packed melodies that they have always been known for, but with a new twist.

Douglas comes through on vocals. Delivering these tracks with ferocity throughout, he makes it clear he is more than ready to do this from the start of the album. Tracks such as ‘The World I Know’ are a fantastic showcase of this voice and an epic song, with a chorus that’s made to be played live – and those choruses run throughout the album, particularly on tracks such as ‘Livewire’ where the hook just grabs you from the start.

A fantastic comeback that sees this band bringing a sound made to pack a punch to anyone in it’s vicinity, Mallory Knox make a raucous record designed to be heard and heard loudly, and I have no problem with that at all – tracks such as ‘Black Holes’ continue to be brilliant, and ‘Heartbreak Lover’ is just as impressive, it’s an excellent album and you would be foolish to miss it.

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