Review: In Earnest – Self Titled.

This week sees the release of the debut from In Earnest, who release their debut record on Wednesday. The band bring together six tracks that explore, mental heath, nostalgia and being in the middle of hope and hopelessness and with these six tracks they do it incredibly well. You can find out more about the band here.

A band that delivers powerful emotions throughout the record, In Earnest here create melodies that are packed with feeling and lyricism that is raw and explores the mind and life as they know it. Tracks such as ‘Put Me Under’ are perfect examples of this as the band combine sombre melodies that are delivered by some fantastic guitar work, with lyricism that tells a story and feels heavy with its meaning. 

As the record continues, this band embrace this sound and continue their high standard however I get to see the band explore their sound too. Tracks such as ‘Fables’ give us something different from the band as the sound becomes frantic and delivers a dramatic end to the track, delivering the message of the song perfectly, the frustration driving through the song. 

An excellent EP that showcases this band’s talent – it’s a debut worthy of so much praise as this band delve into themselves to give a record that really feels so much with melodies that build on that to perfection.

Review: Pine – Self-Titled.



Released last month through No Sleep Records, Pine’s new self titled is a new exploration in their sound. Coming off the heels of their first EP Pillow Talk, the four-piece avowed to no longer find themselves lost in the lush, melancholy of heartbreak. Instead, they’re embracing the impermanence with wistful nostalgia, bright harmonies, and twinkling guitars.

Pine are always a band that bring such depth to their writing (just listen to Dolya) and this band continues to deliver on their lyricism throughout the whole of this record. Delivering such feeling with their words on tracks such as ‘Lusk’ the band give us a song about change, and the feeling in the song even through it’s big sound, glows throughout making for a big standout track on the album.

On the band self-titled we see the band bring their sound to an even more advanced and clearer place than before as the band deliver synth moments that add to the vibe of the song and big drum beats that push these songs on to the next level. ‘Discord’ and ‘Memento’ are great examples of the melodies coming together in harmony with the vocal to make for tracks that live are going to sound incredible but allow for the words to really live on this record and breathe, this record feels so raw and real.

A band that on the album comes back with a record packed with a new sophistication, PINE are a band with a talent of building albums with tracks that just come to life as soon as they are played aloud, and on this record this is ever more clear. Highlights for me on the album include, ‘Memento’ and later on tracks such as ‘Bluff’. Such a good, good album, you need to hear this.

Review: Mallory Knox – Self Titled.

MalloryKnox_SelfTitled_Cover.jpgThis week sees the release of the new album from Mallory Knox. The first album which sees bassist Sam Douglas take the lead for the band, new tracks such as ‘Livewire’ proving he is more than capable of doing so, bringing the best of what they do. You can give a listen to ‘Livewire’ now here.

The band take a raw direction on this album with a frantic bounce that makes for a great listen. Tracks such as ‘White Lies’ delivers us a track full of energy and great grooves that make you listen and that energy continues on tracks such as ‘Whereever’ where the band deliver true-to-form riffs and power packed melodies that they have always been known for, but with a new twist.

Douglas comes through on vocals. Delivering these tracks with ferocity throughout, he makes it clear he is more than ready to do this from the start of the album. Tracks such as ‘The World I Know’ are a fantastic showcase of this voice and an epic song, with a chorus that’s made to be played live – and those choruses run throughout the album, particularly on tracks such as ‘Livewire’ where the hook just grabs you from the start.

A fantastic comeback that sees this band bringing a sound made to pack a punch to anyone in it’s vicinity, Mallory Knox make a raucous record designed to be heard and heard loudly, and I have no problem with that at all – tracks such as ‘Black Holes’ continue to be brilliant, and ‘Heartbreak Lover’ is just as impressive, it’s an excellent album and you would be foolish to miss it.

Review: Swallow The Rat – Self Titled.

Swallow The Rat released their EP digitally back at the beginning of the year, but the physical copies were recently released and I wanted to check this EP out. Seen recently at South By South West and containing members from bands such as Schiphol this is a band with talent. You can listen to the EP now through Bandcamp.

On this EP, Swallow The Rat bring us some fine tuned melodies. Excellent guitars that add to the atmospheric tones the band create.  This is particularly clear on tracks such as ‘Echoes Of A Tide’ this is a band that really can make music that makes you pay attention and live this record is going to make for an incredible sight.

With these melodies, are punk-driven, raw and rowdy vocals that bring it throughout this record. Delivering lyricism that feels raw and adds to the energy of these songs as they drive them forward with raw power. This is best shown by tracks such as ‘New Cross’ with simple hooks that make for great listen, as we hear about the despair in the world we see these days.

An EP that highlights just what this band can do, these New Zealand Punks certainly have some tricks up their sleeve and this new record makes it clear, and certainly makes me want to hear more. Dramatic and soaring melodies that allow for that vocal to smack you in the face, I think this band are on to something good. Highlights for me are ‘New Cross’ and the melodies of ‘Shifting Sand’ are superb.

Review: Downcast – Self Titled EP.

Downcast Cover Artwork.jpgDowncast this week release their new self titled EP, this week. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Wonder Years and ROAM, this is a band that certainly is my kind of thing and it should be yours. You can give a listen to ‘I’m Sorry’ now from the EP through YouTube here.

A band that from the moment this record begins have a talent for melodies, Downcast certainly impress on their debut with their own style of Pop Punk on this record. Tracks such as ‘Sombre’ in particular are excellent with simple but brilliant acoustic sounds and vocals that deliver throughout with emotion and a chorus that is created to be sung along to.

Liam Edwards, Downcast’s vocalist is certainly a talent and drives these songs along with the melodies to greatness. Tracks such as opener ‘Anthurium’ and ‘Window Seat’ are perfect examples of this as he delivers some fantastic choruses that considering this band only came together last year, sounds like a pro at this. Making clear that this is a band that you should be keeping an eye out for, this band have something here.

A band packed with talent and brilliant melodies that make you pay attention, Downcast certainly make something here that needs to be heard. An energetic sound that live is going to sound incredible, I want to see tracks such as ‘Sombre’ and ‘I’m Sorry’ live at some point, they are going to be spectacular, and the highlights of this EP.


Review: Young Waters – Self Titled.

Young Waters this week release their self titled debut album. Reminiscent of bands such as Fleet Foxes and The Incredible String Band, the band explore a range of themes from questioning our contemporary reality to more personal enquiries into one’s own life and history. Give a listen to ‘Swimming Pools’ through Clash now here.

A band with a strong hold on stunning melodies, Young Waters really shine on the first album. Easy acoustic guitars drift through this record with such expertise and keep you enchanted throughout. Tracks such as ‘Don’t Stare At The Sun’ in particular will rapture you and just pull you in, with lilting sounds and vocals that deliver every word with such incredible feeling, this band unspool stories so perfectly.

Vocally gorgeous, Young Waters have two brilliant vocalists. The male vocals deliver the emotion of the lyricism and the female vocals add another level of intensity to these songs. Tracks such as ‘Bleary Eyed’ and ‘Enemy’ are perfect examples of the blend of vocals working fantastically together. Infectious choruses and excellent writing team up with fantastic string work throughout this album giving a very warm and personal vibe that makes for fantastic listening.

An amazing album that highlights just what this band can do, this is such a fine debut and one you could only dream of creating so well. Stunning strings in combination with beautiful vocals keep you pulled in from start to finish. Highlights for me are ‘Bleary Eyed’, ‘Enemy’ and ‘Weary Soul’.


Review: Milkmen – Self Titled.


This week sees the re-released and remastered self titled album from Milkmen, through Know Hope Records. A post indie rock pop jazz experimental punk trio from New Brunswick, NJ, this band create something brilliantly unique on their album. You can give a listen to a live version of ‘Foreverday’ through YouTube now here.

Milkmen create an energetic and bouncy record when it comes to their debut. Packed with fantastic guitar melodies and drums that allow for a fantastic bounce to the sound, Milkmen certainly know how to make something that live is going to go off. Tracks such as ‘I Think I Know’ are great examples of this energy really popping out on this album.

With these melodies comes a fierce and awesome vocal that packs a punch throughout the record. ‘K.O.T.H’ and ‘Grahamcracker’ in particular are examples of where this band employ some awesome vocals that drive these songs to another level on this album, the lyricism brutally honest and fantastically delivered in harmony with this band’s high energy sound.

A well paced and brilliant record, Milkmen certainly make me look forward to the next record that is to come in the new year, the band creating a sound here that really shows this is a band that have so much potential and can certainly live up to their peers. Highlights for me on this album are ‘Grahamcracker’, ‘I Think I Know’ and ‘Brown Pants’ where the band’s full on melodies really work in harmony with the vocals to perfection.


Review: Callaghan – Self Titled.


Callaghan this week releases her new self titled album. Made over the last year with a compliment of fantastic writers and musicians, Callaghan here brings together the best of her EP’s and more that make up a spectacular album. You can find out more about the album and tour dates through Callaghan’s website now here.

Callaghan has a gorgeous voice and that doesn’t change on this album. Throughout her sultry tones shine and deliver the emotion of the lyricism from the beginning. Tracks such as ‘Skin On Skin’ are perfect examples of this as Callaghan delivers a stunning love song with a voice that just sounds perfect with the melody that she has created.

A great handle on sound too, Callaghan certainly brings fantastic melodies throughout her self titled. Tracks such as ‘Surrender’ reflect the passionate and incredible lyricism of the song with a building melody that never stops giving and that continues on tracks such as ‘Solid Ground’ where the song harmonises beautifully together with her stunning vocals that just express so much throughout this album.

This self titled really is what Callaghan does best, unbelievable vocals and gorgeous melodies that entwine together from beginning to end to perfection. Delicate and emotive, Callaghan’s voice is just doing everything right on her album and powers in to stunning notes on tracks such as ‘Broken’ which make you pay attention. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Better Together’, ‘Solid Ground’ and ‘I Don’t Know How To Lose You’ which just shines a light on the vocals on this album.

Review: Searmanas – Self Titled.

Seamanas - Undo (single cover artwork).jpg

Searmanas release her new record this week through Cleopatra Records. Searmanas is the solo project of electronic producer Niabi Aquena, who creates awe-inspiring sounds and huge melodies that sound so good and reminiscent of musicians such as Enya or Julianna Barwick. You can give a listen to first single track ‘Sea’ now here.

It’s clear Searmanas from the start knows how to create a melody that pulls you in from the moment it begins. Moody sounds and big beats arrive and are delivered perfectly which crafted with the vocal layers sounds so good on introductory track ‘Phonetics’. This melodic craftsmanship continues throughout the record but really stands out on songs such as ‘Crystalized’ and ‘Liberosis’.

Using vocals within the layers of melodies sounds great, and Aquena has an easy voice to do this as they entwine with the music she creates/ This shows on ‘Phonetics’ and also on tracks such as ‘Page 1’ where the vocals are used delicately and soar with the sound she is creating. Less is more for Searmanas and she uses her voice as another tool to create something that sounds so good.

An intriguing record that keeps giving until the end, Searmanas highlights what she can do with sound and I can’t wait to hear more of what she crafts. Highlights for me on this record are, ‘Liberosis’ and ‘Page 1’ however together this record creates a landscape of sound that is difficult to ignore.


Review: Chin Up, Kid – Self Titled.


Chin Up, Kid return this week a with their new self titled album released through Standby Records. The follow up to ‘Swing With Your Eyes Closed’, Chin Up Kid’s self titled sees them create tracks that get them comparisons to bands such as State Champs. Give a listen to track ‘Wasted’ now here.

Chin Up, Kid certainly have picked their sound and run with it on this record and it makes for a powerful sound from the moment this album jump starts into action. Packed with frantic and awesome melodies on tracks such as ‘Corners’ and ‘Wasted’ this band certainly bring bouncy riffas and melodies that are ready to go off live, and it makes for an awesome listen.

Josh Cox is a fierce vocalist throughout this record. Delivering every word with the strength of a bulldozer, this lead really matches the high standard of the melodies on this album. ‘Give And Take’ for me really exemplifies this as he drives these raw choruses home with a ferociousness that with these melodies sounds so good.

So many highlights on this record, with incredible collaborations that make up the final tracks of this record, Chin Up, Kid come back with an album that highlights just how good they are and how well they can work with different styles, for example ‘III.III.MMXIII’ featuring Rap from Reis and ‘Drop Dead Over You’ featuring Liz Mauritz of Gold Steps, make for such great songs on this album. Other highlights for me are ‘Give And Take’ and ‘Eye For An Eye’ featuring TarXanTelly.