Review: Crimson Star – Bay View EP.

Crimson Star Cover Artwork.jpg

This week sees the release of the new EP from Crimson Star, Bay View. Formed in 2012 in Birmingham, Crimson Star deliver Hard Rock with massive grooves and explosive tunes that work on this record. You can listen to ‘The Pragmatist’ to hear a taste of those sounds now through YouTube here.

This band deliver from the start. Demolishing riffs and drums that work the pace just right, Crimson Star show their expertise with making the music they do on this record. ‘Once’ in particular stands out for those riffs in the intro that gain your attention and the building sound that packs a punch as the track goes on.

The vocals drive these tracks though. A throwback voice that rasps these tracks to greatness, Crimson Star certainly have vocalists that deliver these lyrics perfectly particularly on tracks such as ‘Euthanise Me’. Dark, sharp and brutal as it goes on (and bringing in those Royal Blood influences in style) the sound explodes in all the right moments which really highlights that voice.

An EP that powers up from the moment it begins and just keeps getting better, Bay View certainly is an EP that sounds so good, Romesh Dodangoda really producing another record to perfection. However this EP live is going to go off and I want to see that happen. Highlights for me on this record are ‘Euthanise Me’ and ‘The Pragmatist’.


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