Review: Stereo Off – The Long Hot Winter.

stereo offStereo Off released their second EP, The Long Hot Winter, which you can listen to over on Popwrapped right now here. Creating synth laden pop hooks on the EP, it’s reminscent of bands such as Depeche Mode, which can’t be a bad thing.

The eighties throwback runs through the EP, with some nice vocals and big beats on tracks such as Automated that gives of that eightie’s electronica vibe from the beginning and it sounds great, putting their unique twist on the sound.

The vocals sound really good on tracks such as Redesign and The Things We Do, which is the nearest to a slow song this band get – there’s a lot of energy going into this record, and it makes for really great listen, the pop foundations really giving this EP strength and certainly will sound good live.

Stereo Off have made a strong EP here, with some big beats, huge hooks which definitely want you to keep the stereo on. The EP works together incredibly and is produced perfectly creating a great sound for the band, it just feels flat in places. Highlights from the record for me are Redesign and Hotel Mirror.

You can learn more about the band through their website.



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