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Review: Hailee Steinfeld – Haiz EP.

Hailee Steinfeld is most known for playing Mattie Ross in True Grit, but she can be also a pretty impressive singer too, her first EP, Haiz being released through Republic Records on November 13th. You can listen to the record right now through Spotify here.

Steinfeld sure knows how to make some nice beats on these tracks, with some big anthemic hooks colliding with some huge melodies that make for some great pop songs with an awesome message for the girls who have that annoying ex who won’t take a hint, tracks such as You’re Such A and Hell Nos And Headphones are perfect for it.

The writing is pretty simple but damn effective throughout the record, these songs will stick in your head for some time to come, and you won’t really mind – she has a great voice as well with some really nice vocals throughout, the vocals really are the cherry on top to a record with a lot of energy and sassiness that work perfectly together on Haiz.

Hailee Steinfeld has made a great taste of what is to come from her, with some great dancebeat melodies, it’s the kind of stuff people jump on beds and sing into hairbrushes, and that’s seriously no bad thing here on Haiz. With huge choruses and a great voice, it seems Steinfeld just collects talent. Highlights for me are Rock Bottom and Hell Nos and Headphones, it’s a great debut full of big pop tracks, well worth a listen.



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