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Review: Leah Lawson – Sheets EP.

Leah Lawson is releasing her EP, Sheets through Noisetrade which you can listened to here.  The singer now based in Nashville, a city that is really a cornocupia of music, has recorded five songs that are about relationships and really what it means to be a human in this day and age.

Lawson’s vocals are gorgeous throughout this EP, there’s a sultry style to her voice on tracks such as Halloween and an elegant one during tracks such as In Red, where the easy choruses delivered by her voice are something you need to make time to listen to. Lawson has a very honest writing technique and it makes perfect sense throughout this EP and makes it easy to connect with her music.

The acoustic sounds of Israel and Hold give these tracks some really nice melodies, the twangy sound to Hold works perfectly for the song, and Israel has an almost sombre sound but it works so well with Leah Lawson’s vocals and it perfectly suits the writing, she certainly knows how to harmonise and it shows throughout Sheets, everything working together on this record.

It’s an EP difficult to fault, and I wouldn’t want to, with some really lovely vocals and some stunning guitar melodies it’s an excellent record from this talented singer, making for a great listen. It’s refreshing and tells a story making it easy to relate to, and that’s never a bad thing. Highlights for me on this EP are Hold and Halloween, this is where the best of Leah Lawson is really heard.




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