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Review: Microwave, Can’t Swim and Real Friends – Epic Studios, Norwich 14/04/2017.

Last night Real Friends brought their headlining tour to Epic Studios in Norwich, with support from Microwave and Can’t Swim.  The band who are returning to the UK after a break, they certainly returned packed with energy and that was incredibly clear last night. You can find setlists for the tour here.

Microwave opened incredibly well, the band getting the show started with sonsg such as Lighterless in the set which is a  huge track that in front of this audience may have felt a little lost – this set if a Microwave headliner probably would have been riotous as they bring great riffs and strong vocals live that work. More action than words this band, it’s actually quite refreshing.

Can’t Swim followed them, a band that has easily become one of my favourite bands this year. Recently releasing album Fail You Again, this band just seem to have it all. Choruses on tracks such as Stranger are infectious but that emotion too lyrically with it, this band are just set to do great things. Live this band are packed with energy and its just so good to watch and with a set that opens with What’s The Big Idea? They create it too.

Real Friends you could say have had a lonely year (sorry) and now are rebuilding their momentum and with sets like this, it’s going to be bloody easy for them. Touring in support of their album Home Inside My Head, Real Friends brought some great new tracks filled with energetic riffs and raw lyricism that of course led to a circle pit and some pretty terrifying crowdsurfing or crowdflooring, more aptly.

Tracks such as Empty Picture Frames, Colder Quicker and Mess were highlights of the Real Friends set, the band returning and I feel the better for it, and with support like this, it’s unmissable. This is especially true if the sound works in the venue, then this show would be amazing particularly Can’t Swim, who have an awesome setlist.



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