Review: We Outspoken – Musicomania.

weoutspokeToronto Alt Rockers We Outspoken, released their new EP last week as they toured around Brazil, Musicomania is the fourth release from the band who are known for their DIY approach, setting up their own label and for an edgy sound with some great guitars and from the opening riff this doesn’t seem to have changed.

Well written throughout the EP, Musicomania has some great choruses and catchy beats, tracks like Something From Nothing are proof of this, and Get Up And Fight has a great melody that works with the vocals perfectly, each song really works well together on this EP, this band if anything is consistent – though if anything a little over-done. Get Up And Fight reminds me of a few other songs, it lacks some originality for all the pro’s of this record there are.

It’s certainly worth a listen, and has some good hooks and guitar riffs that support the quality of this record, there’s some good tracks here, this band I feel could do so much more, there’s certainly some great music here, and tracks like Something From Nothing are certainly highlights, and On Fire certainly is on fire, with riffs straight out of the blocks, and a good way with words, that this band should be proud of.



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