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Review: Amelia – Self Titled EP.

ameliaAmelia are a female hardcore duo made up of Jenn Elizabeth on Vocals and Tessa Breitbach on drums based out of Oregon. The duo released their latest self titled EP in the Summer of last year, releasing a video for The Truth Is this month, which you can see here.

When these songs comes together, the power they make could power a small town for a few days, with huge drum runs and grinding riffs this duo bring so much energy and attitude to these tracks as soon as the EP starts. For What It’s Worth and Let Them Fight For It, show what this band can do with a drum kit and it’s never boring, this band live must be chaos.

Jenn Elizabeth’s vocals are powerful, she has a great raw voice that storms through these tracks, and she owns it on every song, that combination of singing screaming and to an extent spoken word, on tracks such as Before The End work perfectly together, Elizabeth’s vocals working with those melodies just work incredibly well together throughout their EP. These two work incredibly well together and it shows on each song. The Truth Is makes for a great hook and makes you want to keep coming back for more, this is a great EP.

A powerful record that brings it from the moment it begins, this record is energetic and raw and if you need a band to listen to, in Amelia you have found it. Produced with Josh Schroeder who has produced some awesome records with some great bands, (The Color Morale, In Heart’s Wake) and Amelia is certainly joins them. Let Them Fight For It and For What’s It Worth are highlights but there’ is not a weak track here.



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