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Review: Novacrow – Black Syrup EP.

Novacrow release their new EP, Black Syrup this Friday. Novacrow are a Liverpool based Hard Rock/Metal band, starting in late 2013, with their wide array of inspirations keeping their sound interesting. You can see the video for Fight The Horde!!! here the first single from the band’s new EP.

This band fuse different sound and effects on this record and combine those with some huge riffs and it works so well on Black Syrup, creating some huge rock melodies that will get anyone live show moving, this EP perfect for a live show, with so much energy created by those riffs particularly tracks such as Fat Frog.

Kitty Synesthetica has some great vocals on this EP, it’s strong combined with the huge drum runs and riffs particularly on tracks such as Fight The Horde!!! and Set In Stone, where those vocals are put on display perfectly, she harmonises incredibly well with the band, with subtler tones with Set In Stone and a more powerful raw vocal with Fight The Horde!!! Which makes this EP an interesting and entertaining listen from the beginning to the end.

The writing is pretty good, with some huge hooks on tracks such as Fat Frog, and some real energy which makes for an interesting listen. The band bring so much energy and power to this EP and makes for a great record, and certainly leaves you wanting more. Highlights for me are Fat Frog and title track Black Syrup, but this EP works great together, and if you like bands such as Halestorm, this is the band for you.



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