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Review: Wild Americans – Lighten Up EP.

WildAmericans-LightenUpWild Americans release their new EP, Lighten Up Today. The band’s laid back surf rock is the perfect end of Summer sound and you can give a listen to the band’s first single from the EP, Wanna Take You Home through YouTube here.

The band have some nice grooves created by the guitars and some cool drum beats, Afternoon opens the EP with a fast pace and a great sound from the band and that laidback sound continues on this record, making for a fun listen. Ocean in particular really is a great blend of melodies and those chilled out vocals – particularly paired up with the guitar riffs.

The writing is strong and there are some choruses on this EP but the band have a very honest way to their writing on this record, Wanna Take You Home is the best example of this on Lighten Up, with a brutal way with words and delivered with those vocals it does sound good – this is a great debut EP from the band who really accentuate what they do best perfectly on their first record.

Wild Americans don’t seem all that wild, and that is certainly no band thing, creating a very chilled vibe on this EP which sounds incredible easy to them. Highlights for me on this record are Ocean and Afternoon, however every track on this short EP is very good and worth a listen.




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